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1.    Hails to all who participated in Khors music. How are you today? Do you have any news around band?

- There are not many news. During this current year we played some shows supporting our new album in many cities of ex-USSR such as Kishinev, Kiev, Moscow, Minsk, etc. This summer we’ve got line-up changes. The place of our old combat comrade Nort occupied new guitarist namely Warth. Now we’re working upon new album.

2.    What does name Khors mean and have it some special sense?

- KHORS is God of Solar Disc in Ancient Slavic mythology.

3.    Months ago,you came out your third album Mysticism,which was great too. what is the main theme of lyrics about? Is it Similar to last two albums or have they developed,just as your music? I can recognize in cover of album „Cold“ that it should be mainly about winter and nature, but what about your debut and „Mysticism“ which has the ruins on cover?

- The lyrics has not changed, it still transfers the atmosphere of Ancient Times, times of Pagan Beliefs and great achievements. But on this album we wish to transfer mystical, mysterious essence of the nature. The atmosphere of darkness, light, pain, grief should absorb you... Raised emotionality and sensuality is that we wished to show by both the music and lyrics.

4.Where are you taking ispiration from? I really like idea of old riuns in your booklet. Who had this idea?

- I’ve got an idea and our designer namely Sir Gorgoroth could embody it in the booklet more than successfully as I think. That’s what you see on the front cover is the eye of the beast. It doesn’t matter of which one cause it’s just an image. In pupil reflects the fragment of ancient fortress. There are some other fragments of that fortress also used in booklet. The eye of the beast associates with the nature as with eternal unrestrained force to which even stone construction built for protection is subject. This is all figuratively and also has the inner meaning…

4.    What kind of music do you and your mates listen to? From your music I can hear plenty of influences not only from metal music or black metal.

5.    Why are you singing in English and not in your mother tongue as the most of your collegues from Ukrainian black metal or pagan bands bands??

- That’s because we consider English much suit for our music. One can see Russian verse of lyrics on our website. We write our lyrics on Russian then translate it on English usually.

6.    During your three albums you quite changed your style from, lets say, pagan black metal to almost instrumental music, if I can say. In your new album is more instrumental songs where are not vocals or they are in background. I am quite curious about your next album. Had it some purpose or it is only evolution?

- The matter is we always do that we want at define moment and we ain’t adhere the borders was built by our previous albums. Sure some restrictions exist in arrangements and melodies we write but they don’t affects on album in global sense. We understand well that not all the fans of our previous albums will accept and understand “Mysticism” but nevertheless just this album’s given the strongest push to promotion and development of our band. As for new album it will differ from “Mysticism” and from our previous albums a lot but not to instrumental side for sure.

7.    And when we are talking about your style, how can charakterize your music yourself?

- It’s difficult for me to characterize our music and I have no desire to do that. Let it’s done by journalists, listeners, reviewers. Usually they like to glue labels.

8.    Did you have any problems with your music in your country or in the other? Any curious experiences on tour and so on? Havent for example antifa tried to beat you as they did to Kroda?

- We had some problems on Ukrainian fest when some inadequate pro-communistish band from Germany prevented our show there. We decided to cancel our performance for not to transform musical fest to political shit.
There are some things which very hard to fight with for example human stupidity and inadequacy. The ideas of patriot, nationalist are frequently mixed with the ideas of faschist and nazist. This cases the arguments have no sense.

9.    Do you collect vinyls? And what is your opinion to internet piracy?

- Yes I’ve got a small collection of vynil releases and actually it’s LPs of veterans of such styles as Heavy Metal, Thrash, Black Metal and Gothic. You can’t stop internet piracy and it’s obvious. It helps in some way but also harms in other. Basically it helps to new bands to be heard but it stirs to sales due to not to many people buy CDs but prefer to download Mp3 versions. It’s sad cause we spend a lot of money for recordings, to pay for studio, etc. and soon musicians will have no possibility to record well cause no sales and no money due to that. But I believe that people will buy CDs, LPs anyway cause personally I do so as I like the music.   

10.    What is your stance to NS or Rac music,which is quite extended country? Although for example Khaoth played in Nokturnal Mortum, but in your lyrics is nothing what can evoke some political or nationalistic sense.

- Actually I treat NS or RAC music with respect but I can’t name myself as fan of that kind of music as a whole. Khaoth stayed in NOKTURNAL MORTUM for one rehearsal so it’s not logical to talk about his valuable participation in the band’s life. However we ain’t intending to hide that fact as well as long-term friendship with the guys of NOKTURNAL MORTUM. As for absence in our lyrics any political and national implied sense it’s due to conception of our creation which doesn’t mean this subject matter.   

11.    Although Ukraine fought in WWII in the side of Germany, germans considered slavs as something like subrace, what do you think about new Hitler-Slavic worshipers in Ukraine? Nothing against it.

- Real Ukrainians in II WW times fought for the Native Land. Their enemies was both Red Soviets and German armies. There are some divisions formed by volunteers from Ukraine, Estonia, Latviya and they really fought on German side having save their Land from Soviet Red Plague. We consider Soviet Union policy in II WW times destructive, ruinous, the policy which has put Russian culture and intellectuals on knees. Contrariwise Hitler were destruct our culture and our people too so we consider him as enemy for normal Ukrainian and Ukraine in whole. You should write more about Ukraine in II WW to see better.

12.    At last,there wont be any question,just space for you,if you want to say something to Czech Republic and your Czech fans.

- Thanks for your interest to our band in your country. Be fair before yourself in your acts and respect your  past as the base for the Present and for the Future!

Thank you very much for interview. I wish you good luck and I hope we will soon see Khors in Czech Republic. Hails!!!

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