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 1.I have long sought this interview as my interest in Khors has been developing on two fronts. First, I have really enjoyed Mysticism, the album which has been a revelation come 2008 Christmas time. Also, as someone who was born in Kiev and lived there for the first 16 years of his life, I am proud Ukraine has contributed mightily to the worldwide black metal scene. So, let me begin by asking you what you think about the aforementioned Ukrainian black metal community and how Khors fits in it?

First I'd like to note that it's very pleasant to me to answer the questions of the compatriot which though has left from our country  but still is interested in its businesses and a musical life. My greetings!
Thanks for your warm words about a new album and very positive review!
As for Ukrainian BM scene mainly Kharkov scene I can tell that KHORS is logical progress of this stage in more atmospheric and dynamical side more likely. Me and Khaoth concern origin and development of Kharkov stage. I was engaged for a long time in ASTROFAES band, he played in HATE FOREST and in ASTROFAES too. Helg played in RUNES OF DIANCEHT the one of the oldest Ukrainian BM bands.
Kharkov given to the World Black Metal such bands as NOKTURNAL MORTUM, ASTROFAES, HATE FOREST, DRUDKH and many others that less known. So I consider it's no sense to speak about the importance of Kharkov stage cause all reasonably apparently.

2.It is no secret that many Ukrainian black metal bands have an outwardly nationalistic stance. While I can see a lot of it as a counter-reaction to authentic Ukrainian culture being suppressed for so long, dominated by various neighboring states who occupied Ukraine openly or under the guise of the elected union, some of these bands go completely overboard professing racial purity and complete national intolerance. It was nice to read in the promo sheet that Khors is not affiliated with any of the nationalistic political movements. However, some of the band members participated in rather notorious Nokturnal Mortum and Temnozor. Did Khors ever feel any backlash, from either side, from some more radically inclined Kharkiv folks for your band breaking away from the mold, or from your new label partners at Paragon Records checking out the band’s background?

There are no problems for us in past and present and I think there will not be. We dear enough band even among "radically inclined Kharkiv folks" as you speak. And our personal outlooks never changed in ASTROFAES days and now. I was not interested in politics and always be this way thus it's extremely erroneous to note my previous band ASTROFAES as NSBM but I don't know it's present status. We have always been patriotically adjusted and we propagandized love to the Native Land, respect for ancestors and so on but one must not confuse it with inadequate political trends and organizations.
Paragon Records had a problem with one German magazine which was frightened to publish advertising on "Mysticism" album as well as interview with us cause they consider KHORS as NSBM band. Well, we'll not be upset and prove something to people who have no such function as "understanding". There are many bands now noted as politically active ones just not finding a difference between Pagan, Patriotic and NSBM. It's difficulty to struggle with it but we have no desire to. The main is own assessment of actions cause you can't deceive yourself.
I wish to express huge gratitude to our label Paragon Records and personally to their chief Jim Mroz for understanding and support!

3.How is signing with Paragon Records going to benefit Khors to be more widely heard than, say, staying with well-respected underground Ukrainian Oriana Music?

Transition to larger and solid label always big plus for a band. Oriana considering their not boundless opportunities had problems with distro and realization and that's logical in cause of some nuances of laws in our state.
Paragon Records has wide distribution so our choice is quite proved.

4.I understand how metal bands have to “pay their dues” before labels can throw their unconditional support behind them. Do you feel Paragon Records distribution abilities can offer Khors broader touring possibilities, especially if the next album also receives significant critical acclaim? Any plans or interest to travel the world?

Sure we hope that label will help greater promotion of KHORS brand in the world. If it will cause interest of various concert agencies and organizers that we only shall be glad.
We're concert band and we ready to go to any tour considering that we've visited practically everywhere within the limits of the ex-USSR.

5.I have not had a chance to hear Khors prior works on The Flame of Eternity’s Decline and Cold. For those who, like me, deeply enjoyed Mysticism, how do you think the band’s earlier efforts compare?

I think that for those who liked "Mysticism" album it will be interesting to listen to "Cold" as it is melodious and beautiful too but heavier. First album "The Flame..." for the fans of rectilinear and mid-tempo BM. It's differs a lot from a new album.

6.It is very interesting, and I have tried to point it out in my review (, that pagan feel on Mysticism is not achieved via gimmicks, by openly employing Ukrainian folk instruments. What so you think gives Khors its particular authenticity and do you feel my review reflected what you wanted to express with the music? In a way, if asked to describe your music verbally, what would you say?

Yes, we don't use any folk instruments, only keyboards, guitars and drums. It's enough for us to transfer the conceived atmosphere. It's our style from which we don't depart here already the third album. There are enough of bands here on Ukrainian stage using national instruments and it's their choice.
If trying to describe with words our musical style so it's melodious dark/black metal with mysterious and romantic, with a little bit grief atmosphere.

7.Out of rich pantheon of ancient Slavic gods, why the choice of Khors, not Yarilo or Perun? As Khors represents sunlight, do you feel Khors music is more light or shade?

Our music is difference of emotions, in some moment it's light and then a shadow. Except for that it depends on an emotional condition of a listener and his personal perception.
As for the bandname then Khors is the God of the Sun and we have chosen this name realized. The Sun since the ancient times till present time means great importance for a man and it's reverence both for our ancestors and for us is stem-forming.

8.In the current economic climate in Ukraine, it must be difficult to come up with the funds necessary for quality musical recordings. How does the band cope with the situation? Are there sufficiently equipped recording studios in Ukraine or Khors is forced to seek these facilities abroad?

From the moment of the band formation we have set to ourselves a task to have qualitative record as much as possible having not looking on hard situation in sphere of a sound recording and absence of normal means of existence. On first two albums it was possible to us but only for a Ukrainian stage level level of that times. On the European level of record we send only with "Mysticism". And that's pleasant that the most part of works has been made in Ukraine in Blacklight Studio. Day by day there're more and more good studios here in Ukraine with good equipment and qualified staff and bands have an opportunity to record their albums up to the mark.

9.While no one has the crystal ball to predict the future, is Khors going to be a temporary entity giving refuge to a group of Kharkiv musicians or the fans can expect a number of albums to tease our senses in the future?

I hope that 3 albums is enough to prove gravity of our intentions. Yes, we have far-reaching plans, we'll record new albums and we hope that KHORS brand will be more known year by year. However only time will tell...

10.With the e-mail interview format it is quite difficult to completely get a sense of asking the band all of the right questions to unveil people behind the music. What do you wish I asked you that I did not, and what it is you want people to know about Khors?

It's definitely hard to think up a question to itself, ha-ha. We give many interviews recently and it seems we have told practically all. Perhaps it's the very complicated question in this interview, so excuse, I have no idea what to think up, ha-ha...

11.Thanks for your time and good luck in all of your future endeavors.

Many thanks for the interest to our band! All the best to you and to the readers of your magazine! Listen to our music and just any music. I hope it will help to distract from daily problems and will add positive emotions!

Alex Mejiritski


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