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1. About “Wisdom of Centuries”, your fifth record, the band stated that its lyrical concept addresses to recent history of your native land, complicated and mournful times of 20th years of the last century. What were those events?

Hails to the readers of Infektion Magazine first. If to try to describe this history briefly so we have to refer to the 1917 year when there’s revolution in Russia as a result of which red communists became dominate and rule the empire. Ukraine, which is was the part of Russian Empire before those events, declared the independence then and Ukrainian People’s Republic was proclaimed but its sovereignty then was broken with Red Army in 1919. As a result of the full occupation of our country its territory then was added to the Soviet Union.

Those events accompanied with a lot of spontaneous uprisings and one of the centers became KholodnoyarskayaRepublic or Kholodny Yar (the Cold Ravine if on English). Its official fall dated of 1922 year but many of facts tell that small forces still resisted the communists until 1933. Directly on that refer the facts of hunger that Stalin provoked with the aim of the final destruction of the embers of resistance. 

2. Although, Khors has declared itself a non-political band. Why have you said that, and in your lyrics you passionately appeal to ancient times?

In our lyrics we appeal not only to ancient times but to more recent history of our country as well as you can see it on our new record. We are patriots of our country and this feeling moves us mainly. If it’s ancient epoch or more recent times — it’s not so important.

3. What are the main changes you’d point out to 2010’s “Return to Abandoned”?

After we recorded “Return To Abandoned” we’ve got guitarist changed. Warth, who played on that record, was replaced with Jurgis who took a big part of work on “Wisdom of Centuries”. I can also note there are more spiritual experiences on the new album. More sadness, sorrow, depression, anger, hatred, love and despair feelings in comparison with more metal oriented and straight “Return To Abandoned”.

4. The record is the first one where Khors uses their native language. Was it to be more truthful to the concept? And why did you kept the song titles in English?

As we began our way we even didn’t consider other option except of to use English language for our lyrics. This was common for us from the past bands we played in before and we also consider English the standard for metal music. Our new album is a bit different from those we did before, it’s differs with many aspects and has the special atmosphere, inner power and conception. This album was supposed to be performed on Ukrainian. 

5. The band showed also a more experimental side with sounding and atmosphere, using even some ethnic music instruments. Are the crescendos a better way to underline the message you wanted to pass to the listener?


I think the listeners could answer this question much better than me with their either positive or negative reaction. We’re happy with the work we’ve done on this album and we’re going to continue such the experiments in future.


6. It was amazing how you blend the traditional folk melodies with the Metal approach. Do you think it’s a natural step for bands that come from rich cultures as yourself, to introduce these elements into the sound?

Thanks for your appreciation.

I think it occurs on a subconscious level in each band in particular. I mean arrangements might be done not quite unconsciously but mainly under the influence of some feelings, personal experiences.

One of the strongest features of this album is the clean production. For the new record, the band has recorded in four different studios. Why?

The main studio we used for this album is Blacklight Studio from Kiev. We’ve recorded most of instruments there in and we did mastering and mixing there too. Keybords, lead guitar and vocal tracks was recorded later in some studios here in our city as it was more comfortably for us to use them to have much more time for experiments and recording.

8. In January 2012 you finished recording the album and the next month the band signed with Candlelight Records. How did it happen?


We’ve got the offer from Candlelight Records which was the most interesting amongst the others.

9. What could you tell us about the ukrainian Metal scene? Are there any bands you’d like to point out?


I’m not so interested in our metal scene to be honest. I can only note we have many of different metal bands here but the really interested ones are known outside our country yet.


10. Through the years, Khors have played in the main stages of Eastern Europe. Is the next tour a chance to see you playing elsewhere?


We are quite active band as for the live shows so it would be pleasant for us to visit your country and many others worldwide with the shows if any proposals.


11. Please, add some final words, if you’d like! Thank you!

José Branco


Thanks for your interest and your support. Let Gods bless you! Listen to the good music!

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