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- Hello Khaoth how's it going i hope all is well in the Ukraine?

- Hi there! It’s quite good here in Ukraine. We just had Euro 2012 Cup passed here and I can note it definitely passed well. The only thing’s sadden the situation is the current unhealthy political environment generating instability, political prosecutions and other bad things so we’re waiting for the autumnal parliament elections to try to affect the situation in a country and improve it with our choices.
- Sept. 11th  the new album Centuries Of wisdom will be out in the states how well the album been doing in Europe so far?

- I know it is out a week after USA release so we’re waiting for it is out in Europe on September 17
- I was checking out the bands website  from what i understand that the album is a commeration of 95th birthday of the Kholodny Yar Republic? can you go into  more detail about the Kholdny Yar republic?

- Well, if to try to tell briefly then Kholodny Yar is the Ukrainian Republic (1919 — 1922) which is also called as The Last Cossack Republic. Insurgents of Kholodny Yar protected this last stronghold of Ukrainian National Republic from Bolshevism until it finally came to domination in Ukraine and has generated hunger, genocide of Ukrainian people and many others harm.   
- I just finished reading seven days that shook the world which is about the death of the soviet empire the ukraine was one of the first baltic states to declar independence right?

- In fact Ukraine declared independence on 24 of August 1991. In the form Ukraine is the independent and unitary state, but on a content still controlled and ruled by the politicians from the Kremlin. 
- After the war the ukrainians were one of the few people the had the courage to fight against russian rule and repression?

- There were partisan wars ruled by Ukrainian Insurgent Army in the forests of Western Ukraine but unfortunately finally knocked down by red armies of KGB in 1956. 
- It's amazing how the ukrainian people despite being forcfully annexed by stalin the country in some way maintained that independent spirit?

- It’s very sad story. Stalin brought to Ukraine big hunger and genocide so the opposition to the tank of Stalin and communism has been doomed unfortunately. 
- Sorry for getting off track with the history stuff please tell us about the upcoming album centuries of wisdom?

- Actually the album’s entitled “Wisdom of Centuries”. It’s our fifth full length on which we’ve addressed to the history of Ukraine as you’ve already seen. This is also the first album of ours on which we used our native language, on which we represented more melancholic and atmospheric part of our musical creativity and this is the first album on which we tried some ethnic musical instruments. A little more time and you'll hear and understand it yourselves.
- Why you decided to leave your old band Astrofaes?

- To play in Astrofaes became no longer interesting for me 
- How this band different from the other bands you and your bandmates been involved in?

- It’s quite different from which we’ve ever done and do now. It’s just different stories) 
- I haven't heard the band's previous work you feel the band gottten better as musicans on this album?

- This one’s different album from others we’ve already done. I think the previous album was much more interesting to the guys prefer more technical music but this one is a bit atmospheric and I don’t know if we became better as musicians or not but you may judge it yourself.

- How much input the band members had on the making of the album?

- There are different situations we have. Sometimes a band member brings a song to the rehearsal, sometime a part of a song but sometimes we do a song right in the studio.  
- In a few days Khors will be appearing at the metal head's mission fest in the crimea i bet you guys are chomping at the bit to play in front of your home crowd?

- Yes, already played) You know, it’s great to play before your home crowd just as always. I think that’s good for them too)
- Have you ever by chance run into the tallest man in the world yet? I watched a show on him a few months ago he's from the ukraine too!
— Sorry, we didn’t. But it’s quite difficult to meet a man taller than me))
- Which band member came up with the album title?

- I don’t remember exactly. Perhaps it was Khorus 
- How many days it took for complete the whole recording process?
— Several months
- You guys use the recording studio?

- Sure
- How was the metal scene before and after the fall of communism?

- I know the old metal scene from some LPs out from communist times. I only can respect guys could play in such difficult environments. I love some records. As for the scene of today so I can definitely say we have a lot of opportunities but unfortunately this conditions brought a lot of clons and a lot of not interested bands. But today is also difficult time for underground scene in any country cause of the fall of CD sales, no people on club shows and huge amount of the bands. 
- Can you give the readers a brief summary of the songs on centuries of wisdom?

- There are 8 songs on the album “Wisdom of Centuries” including intro, outro. There are also a couple of instrumental songs and one of which is kinda ambient performed on cajon. It’s quite difficult for me to give a brief summary of the songs we recorded. You just refer to some reviews in the web.
- Is candlelight releasing the album worldwide?

- Yes
- You guys also got some merch available if the readers want to aquire some merch can they get it directly from the band?

- Sure. You may refer to the Merchandise section on our official website and contact us then
- I remember drudkh has toured the states before when your band's time is going to come?

- Actually Drudkh didn’t play live shows and I know they ain’t going to play live ever. I also don’t think we’ll ever come to play in USA cause it’s a bit too expensive but it would be great for sure.
- Thanks for doing this interveiw is there anything you like to add

- Believe in what you’re doing and what you're saying. Thanks for the interview. Thanks for your time.

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