Perunica Fest Autumnal Tour. Epilogue

We've back home after series of shows Perunica Fest Autumnal Tour during which we played in Slovakian cities Prešov and Nitra then in Czech cities Brno and Prague. We’d like to thank great comrades of ours of ANCESTRAL VOLKHVES band for made these beautiful days been possible and shared it with us. Also big thanks to the promoters and their assistants for great organization, invitation and hospitality, thanks to the bands we’ve played together with, thanks to the guys visited these shows and supported us. Special hallo and cheers to Hyozt, One of Thorns & REUSMARKT, Igor Kmit’, Josef Kmit’, Peter, Milan ‘Mikkie’ Šteger, Martin ‘Matyk’ Gibej, Matúš Jaško, Daniela Marcinovova, Sally, Michal ‘Waldemar’ Marcinčin, Draco, David, Premek & Magdalena Kiselá. Ďakujeme!

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