Terrorizer(UK) "Mysticism"

A Third Album of KHORS,"Mysticism" empresses in a number of ways. Through the term is a bit ridiculous in the context of Ukranian Black Metal, KHORS are something of a supergroup, featuring past and present members of Astrofaes and Hate Forest among others. While "Mysticism" is in general a more expansive and relaxed than the closed off, scowling monomania off either of those two parent band, that stern, dogged Slavik Black Metal Style is alive, and well beneath the more recognisably Nordic twinkling keyboards and fluid guitar solo episodes. Though KHORS' musical trajectory hold few surprises, like many of the Ukranian Bands who've made an impact west of the Carpathians, their most impressive features is how they seemed to materialise fully-formed at the beginning of their career before delivering albums of wall-to-wall quality rather than fooling around finding their feet in public. "Mysticism" then, offers plenty of meat to the veteran while also acting as a sound starting point for virgin of the ex-Soviet Bloc's grim delights.
7.5/10 James "Harry" Hinchliffe

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