Mysticism, 2008


CD, 2008, Paragon Records. 6 panel digipack with 16 pages booklet.

1. Through the Rays of Fading Moon
2. Raven's Dance
3. Milk of Heavens
4. Winterfall
5. In the Cold Embrace of Mist
6. Pagan Scars
7. Mysticism
8. Red Mirrors

Bonus live videos:
Through the Rays of Fading Moon
Raven's Dance

Mysticism was written,arranged and composed in Kharkiv during autumn 2003 — spring 2008.
Drums and guitars recorded in Blacklight Studio, Kiev, Ukraine, November 2007.
Engineer Shaddar.
Keyboards,accoustic guitars and vocals recorded in AudioALchemia Studio, Kharkiv, Ukraine, November 2007 — April 2008.
Engineer Dmitriy Bondarenko.
Bass,whispers and clear voices recorded in Buddha-Cat Studio, Moscow, Russia, january 2008 — June 2008.
Engineer Michael "Maiden" Smirnoff.
Mixed and mastered in Blacklight Studio, Kiev, Ukraine, June 2008 — September 2008.
Engineer Shaddar.

All music and lyrics written and composed by Helg  & Khorus.
Produced by Khorus and Khaoth.
Arranged by Khorus,Saturious,Helg,Khaoth & Maiden.
Art direction and cover concept by Sir Gorgoroth & Khorus.
Design by Sir Gorgoroth.
Logo by Aquarius.

Helg — rhythm & accoustic guitars,lead vocals
Nort — rhythm guitars
Khorus — bass & whispers
Khaoth — drums & percussions
Saturious — keyboards
Wortherax — lead & accoustic guitars
Michael "Maiden" Smirnoff — clear voices & whispers

Videos recorded live at SV Club, Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine, 23.04.2008

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