1. Give me a brief history of the band.

 KHORS band was formed by former bass guitar player of ASTROFAES namely Khorus in August 2004. Some time later Helg (RUNES OF DIANCEHT) and Khaoth (TESSARACT, ex-ASTROFAES, ex-HATE FOREST) joined the band as guitar/vocals and drums accordingly.
The first album titled ЂThe Flame of Eternity's Declineї was recorded during winter 2004-2005 by the help of keyboard player Saturious and Wortherax who performed lead parts during record session. This stuff was released by Oriana Music in April 2005. In November 2005 guitar player namely Nort (of NAGUAL) joined the band.
Second album titled ЂColdї was recorded during Winter-Spring 2006. By the end of that year this stuff was released by Oriana Music.
During 008 year the band working on recording and mixing of new album "Mysticism" which was released on December 29 by Paragon Records (USA).

2. "Mysticism" is the title of your new album. Would you illustrate the composition process and the lyrical concept of the new album? Do you think to be matured?
By means of music and lyrics on the new album we want to transfer mysterious essence of the nature. Atmosphere of darkness, light, pain and grief should absorb you... The Raised emotionality and sensuality is that we liked to show with this CD

3. I like the new album cover. Who has designed the cover and what does it represent?
Our designer Sir Gorgoroth was engaged in working out of album design.
The eye of an animal which you see on CD cover, has no which value, it is only image. In the pupil of the eye reflects the fragment of ancient fortress. AnimalТs eye associated with the nature as with eternal unrestrained power to which dependent even stone made construction. All this has it's own meaning to each and every person. Probably it's different individually.

4. "Mysticism" features guest appearance by Michail "Maiden" Smirnoff (Mental Home). Why was the idea of this collaboration born?
The idea appears at once weТve fulfilled this song on rehearsal. No verse of vocal except clean one or whispers associated with it.Michael СMaidenТ Smirnoff our sound engineer, keyboard player of cult Russian band MENTAL HOME and big friend of mine who sung on УRed MirrorsФ.

5. Khors, in 2008, publish a DVD entitled "Cold WaysФ. Why the decision to make this step?
We decided to show people how KHORS seems live. We've chosen the most qualitative video records from live shows with both good sound and pictures.

6. What represents your past albums for you?
A comment for your albums:
УThe Flame of Eternity's DeclineФ is the most aggressive work of ours. Powerful but melodic enough. This album helped us to become on feet and it's allowed us to attract attention.
"Cold" is more rhythmical, melancholic and more various in it's mood. On this album we become more melodic and mid-tempo.

7. Recommend to blackterrormetal.com readers some new albums that they have particularly caught your attention.
Lately I liked new albums of God Is An Astronaut,Khold,Enslaved,Klimt 1918,Whitesnake.

8. Future projects?
No any projects are planned to be. Having playing live shows we also working over new songs for the future album

9. Would you leave a message to the blackterrormetal readers?

Thanks for your interest! Huge greetings from KHORS band to all the readers of Blackterrormetal. Listen to our new album. Hope it wonТt disappoint youЕ

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