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1. How was it recording Khors latest album Wisdom Of Centuries?

The album was recorded during Autumn-Winter of 2011-2012 in such studios as Blacklight (we recorded drums, bass, percussion and guitars there), Nightmare studio (we recorded keyboards tracks there), Oriana Stronghold Forge (lead guitars and vocals). In total the recording process took approximately 15 days for us. The album mixed and mastered in Blacklight Studio.

2. Where did the name of the album come from and ideas?

The album has the special concept. It refers to the one of the most important pages of history of our country — the Republic of Holodny Yar. If to try to tell briefly then Kholodny Yar is the Ukrainian Republic (1919 — 1922) which is also called as The Last Cossack Republic. Insurgents of Kholodny Yar protected this last stronghold of Ukrainian National Republic from Bolshevism until it finally came to domination in Ukraine and has generated hunger, genocide of Ukrainian people and many others harm.

3.Will there be any tours?

Recently we’re back from Slovakia where we played some shows in and we have the only one show coming up this year on Oskorei festival in Kyiv, Ukraine. Perhaps there will be some tours in future if we will have the proper offers from promoters out there.

4. What do you think of promo videos nowadays with everything being going on YouTube?

I think such kinds of promo videos do help the spreading of music and it’s necessary part of advertisement for a band

5. What do you think of the music industry today and where it is going?

The musical industry suffers not good times now definitely but nevertheless there are still enough of people who prefer to have a CD in their collection instead of Mp3 files which was downloaded from the web. Labels still sign new bands and make the releases so I think the future behind those who adequately adapts the given situation.

6. Would you say the health of the Black Metal scene is becoming stronger?

It’s hard to estimate the situation on black metal scene exactly now. There are many good bands that make really perfect albums but still the world is overdosed by a lot of shitty stuff. In this situation internet helps us to sort out this.

7. What were your earliest influences?

When child and in my youth I did listen basically to the classic heavy metal bands just like W.A.S.P., Iron Maiden, Manowar and stuff like this but later my tastes changed a little bit and I preferred some thrash, death and black metal music.

8. What could we find interesting in your music collection at home?

I collect CDs and LPs for a long time yet and there are some rare stuff there but I can’t allocate any as I love them all greater or lesser. Otherwise there would be no place for them in my collection)

9. Could you describe what goes on in a day in your life as a musician on tour?

Basically the morning begins with the good or not so good condition depends on how many of beer was the last evening. Then a breakfast and departure to the next city, survey the interesting places and a dinner on a road, arrival, soundcheck, performance, beer and then the things keep going just like in “Groundhog Day” moving picture)

10. Any words for future musicians?

Be assured in yourself, look for the ways for your own progress, try to understand music with your soul

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