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Volchv mag: Preliminary I send you warm greets in Ukraine... How are you and what do you do on these days?

Hello there! We're doing ok, the band is on the way. From the beginning of this year we are going through rehearsals of our new album "Mysticism". In the end of summer we will move to studio.

Volchv mag: Your second album released by Oriana music(again) is simply called „Cold“, which is a pretty talkative name as well. I heard this album so many times, but I have a bit different feelings than coldness. Melancholy or despair, I mean...

"Cold" — I mean the name itself shouldn't arise any other feelings, I don't think it may arise feelings like joy or happiness. You've got the idea of the album correctly, that's what we were aiming at. As for frequent usage of "Cold" as the name, I don't care much about that.

Volchv mag: ‘Cold” was recorded in two different studios and mixed in another studio. Why? How long did it take you to record it along with the mixing? How did the recordings proceed?

We have initially planned that sequence of recording and mixing because the quality of drums' recording on „The Flame Of Eternity's Decline“ hasn't met our requirements and we've decided to record them at M.A.R.T studio. The quality of recording of other instruments and the mixing was better at AudioALchemia and Buddha-Cat studios accordingly. Overall we spent 8 months on recording session, 3 months on instruments recording and 5 months on mixing and mastering. But it wasn't in vain — we were trying to get the clearest sound and overall I'm satisfied with the result.

Volchv mag: Simplicity and directness is another sign of Khors music. Are you agree with this? Is this necesary part were creating the hypnotic atmospere?

All the great things are simple. :-) Although we don't pretend to be geniuses. Yes, I agree that our music is pretty simple and direct but we're not very much confused with that. We play the music which we want to play and mostly care about melodic and atmosphere rather than about the complexity of our music.

Volchv mag: Where could you see difference between „Cold“ and „The Flame Of Eternity's Decline“?

To my mind the difference is mainly due to the atmosphere; on "The Flame..." it was more aggressive and explosive whilst on "Cold" it's more depressing and sorrowful. Although it's hard for me to judge, I can't listen to KHORS and judge objectively.

Volchv mag: Khors is band with very authentic sound and round positive reactions on creation (I speak in view of our state). Do you know, how you stay in Ukraine? „Competition“ is just there very positive...

It's nice to hear that we are popular in your country. As for Ukraine, then we are pretty famous here for a group younger than 2 years old. I don't feel any competition and frankly speaking I don't care much about it.

Volchv mag: Am I wrong, if I say, you are patriots? Love to motherland is reflected very often also on musical outcome, because many bands draw from national folklore or base lyrics of historical themes… Are you looking back to history of country where you live?

No you're right we are patriots indeed. As much as possible until it's not connected with politics. The land we land on has great history and the pride for this always lives in our hearts! And knowing that influences our music and lyrics as well.

Volchv mag: Can nature be seen as a source of inspiration?

Yes, in line with books, historical movies and different music. There's a lot of beautiful places on the territory of our country.

Volchv mag: What feelings of nowadays situation in Ukraine you have? Do you regard progress of UG scene in Ukraine? Are there any new bands, which assumed you and you can us recommend?

I hate to see what's happening in Ukraine nowadays. This will definetily influence people in worst manner, people are far away from those games which bustard-politics play. As for music, I can say that our metal scene became famous firstly thanks to black-metal bands, but the times when it was really strong (and mostly due to the Kharkov bands) have gone. As of now apart of some nice exceptions there's nothing but junk. But today I can recommend some nice death-metal bands like Mental Demise, Tessaract, Flashgore, Hyperion. In other styles the situation is much worse.

Volchv mag: Do you have prepared merchandise of the previous releases? T-Shirts, caps, etc….

Yeah we have T-shirts and long-sleeves under the name "Moan Of The Grief" in support of our first album. In the nearest future we plan to prepare some merchandise supporting our second album.

Volchv mag: I've seen live video of Kolovrot fest. Have you got more records of live events? Don't you plan live album? Or just a video-clip? It could be interested, to see, what's in your heads.

We have about 10 live videos including 2 from Kolovorot. I don't know which one you have got. May be we will issue and official bootleg DVD with some of these live videos and one or two clips.

Volchv mag: What do you do in your spear time? Do you have family or girlfriend? Could you tell me about the highpoints in your life?

All of my spare time I try to spend with my family. I'm married with two little kids, a boy and a girl. As for my highpoints I have to spread between the family and music not forgetting about my main job. Since the money we earn from music is only enough to invest in next album and to purchase any of the instruments.

Volchv mag: What can I expext from the next album? Are we looking at another “Cold” or are you heading different?

I think it will be a bit different piece where we plan to experiment. The listener will hardly hear any blast-beats and we will get yet slower. We have lots of interesting thoughts and let's see how we will manage to implement them.

Volchv mag: What is most important for the band, when the new song is being born?

The most important thing is to pass the atmosphere which you have initially felt when the first chords, the first riffs were born, the atmosphere of first rehearsals with drums and so on. And it's very crucial to make a professional arrangement, mixing and mastering.

Volchv mag: Great success with „Cold“ and with upcomming release and also on private battlefields. If you'd like to send any message to readers in Slovakia, it's your time now…

Big thanks to you attention to our band! I'd like to with the Slovakians to treasure their history and to respect the faith of the ancestors. To be honest to yourself and always reach your goals!

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