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 Dark Greetings!  Tell us about your new full length, Return to Abandon! Was any of the material on the album left over from 2008's Mysticism?

On “Return To abandoned” we’re back a little bit to a sound of our early records having mixed it with the melancholy and atmosphere of “Mysticism” album. We consider this new album be interested both to listeners of our first records and to listeners of our last album.
All the tracks for “Return To Abandoned” are written after “Mysticism” was recorded and have no relation to it.

Return to Abandon has a remarkable atmosphere where no single instrument over powers the other.  What is the writing / recording process like for Khors?

Thanks for your appreciation!
The process of writing a track usually starting from a guitar riff and then we’re working upon drums arrangements, bass section, second guitar parts, leads, keyboards and then vocal. As for studio so traditionally it starts from drums recording then we record step by step other instruments accordingly.

I was really impressed by the musical abilities of all members of Khors.  Do you feel that Khors has reached a new level as far as performance ability? Why or why not?

Yes, perhaps we’re in good musical and technical shape now but I’m sure we won’t stop on it. There will be new albums and new horizons.

Was the lead instrument I hear take the first solo on 'Asgard's Shining' a keyboard or an actual theremin?

That’s keyboards. We often use keyboards with a lot of effects imitation.

Tell me what Return to Abandon means to you personally...does the title reflect a feeling the band has or did have at the time of the writing process?

For me personally as well as for Helg and Khaoth it’s a memory of our first months and years in KHORS. Because you know in music of new album there are echoes of those times and of our early records. But “Return To Abandoned” is not retro album but modern approach to usage of old runs and riffs.

Khors has seen several of its members active in other bands in Ukraine. What other projects does Khors share its members with? Is it difficult to create such powerful music such as Return...while balancing other bands schedules?

For all musicians of KHORS our band is the main one so we have no problem with time and efficiency. First we’re working upon the stuff for KHORS and then upon other projects if there are free time.

Paragon Records has also released an excellent 2CD set containing The Flame of Eternity's Decline and Cold with demo tracks, live cuts and more. How do you feel about these two albums now that they are several years older. What new meanings, if any, have they taken on for you?

Actually I recently listened to that re-issue and I have to note that I like it)))
I appreciate those albums high enough even now when 6 years passed. Those were great times for us, good start for the band. They sound decent don’t spite of the very low budget and not ideal conditions which we recorded them in.

In 2008, a DVD was released titled Cold Ways...do you plan on any other similar releases in the future? Do you feel that the live performance is a crucial part of the Khors musical experience?

Yes, we plan to release one more DVD and hope this year it will be out. There’s live stuff from “Mysticism” album as well as of first records will be included in.
Live shows are very important for us. This is experience, journey and development of the band.

Do you have tour dates or live shows scheduled now?

Right for the moment we have no confirmed shows for this year. But sure they are in plans as in Ukraine as well as in Europe.

If there was one thing that a listener can gain from listening to Khors, what would it be?

Each man is individual sui generis and the emotions and associations that have to arise should be individual. Let’s remain this question opened for a listener can answer it himself

Last words?

Be sincere and honest! Love your native land and your household!

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